Site Migration Again


After a very exciting migration off of Digital Ocean a few months ago, I've shifted hosting providers to Amazon and reworked the site to use Chef - proper DevOps tooling now! With the Amazon shift, this is running in an AutoScaling Group(implication: if the server goes dead, Amazon will axe the server and bring up a new VM). One consequnce of the move is that http://pnathan.com lost its identity and routed to http://articulate-lisp.com for a time. No more.

Looking forward, I still have to bring upside-down-research.com and faegernis.com back, but it should be more straightforward now with the pnathan.com template.

Due to an entirely unrelated unshaved yak, Docker is no longer working on my laptop, and consequently, I reworked pnathan.com's presentation away from Jekyll to a small-batch artisan manufactored Common Lisp system using CL-WHO, CL-MARKDOWN, and a few utility libraries. This provides several benefits: (1) no hanging chad of Jekyll in a Docker container - neither a giant Ruby install or a Docker container holding the same - (2) easily controllable code - (3) no dependencies that will vanish in the mist.

I look forward to using this codebase to build a much stronger blogging system than I had before, in conjunction with a great deal more essay writing than I had before.