On the Letters of Lewis


Letters of CS Lewis I've been working through this over the past few days. Much of these letters so far were directed toward his father or brother since he was a teenager.

I haven't ever read a Letters Of collection before; this is a new experience. Quite feels like taking a bath in someone's mind; not entirely pleasant. It provides a perspective on Lewis that, I think, is useful for someone who grew up around people with a reasonably high regard for him. Takes a lot of the shine off.

His struggles to land a tenure track job as a professor sound eerily familiar, although the mode of lecture & study that was practiced then was quite different - much less lecturing, much more directed 1:1 study.

It's also interesting to think about the habit of writing Lewis formed - letters written to family every two weeks, as well as his academic work. It is something I hear repeated for any excellence - practice it.