Fascism and my ethics


https://www.snopes.com/fact-check/1475-immigrant-children-missing/ Fact check: True.

This is precisely the kind of policy that was foreshadowed by Trump during his campaign. It was warned of during the campaign by others, from Clinton to Romney. Episodes like the linked article will continue occurring so long as he is in power and not checked by Congress. Essential ideas include dehumanization of non-white people, particularly immigrants, glorification of the leader, authoritarianism (usually manifesting as "the cops can do no wrong", or "I was just following orders"), and often a persecution complex.

Careful further inquiry of the life under fascism in Italy and Germany informed me that America could become fascist, to a degree corresponding almost exactly to the population's complicity and passiveness. Doctrines and ideas that involve "both sides have issues", or "keep your head down" permit this to take place.

I searched my conscience and my understanding of following Jesus and thusly determined to become outspoken, after a life of being essentially non-partisan. If you voted for Trump, you placed yourself in complicity with a long-known racist, liar, and authoritarian(it's been written about long before 2015). To you, I hope that you understand now that he is an unrighteous ruler.

I am not interested in debating being right about this - it's been documented endlessly elsewhere. The writings are often, but not always, partisan. There are a number of reputable Republicans and independents saying much the same thing. I personally recommend reading the Washington Post to keep up on the news, and shutting off Fox; the Economist is also reputable.