tuesday evening brief oct 3


Good evening.

It is 1:19PM in Pyongyang.

US Pacific Command is doing short range defense exercises with South Korea.

38 North remarks on the 1980 uprising in South Korea. Perusing through the documents 38 North presents, it seems clear that the North Koreans had, at that time, a definite feeling of solidarity with the South Koreans. I wonder if a reunification could be accomplished that would defang the threat of nuclear war. It's tolerable to have neutral nations have nukes, you know...

Congress is running its nose into diplomacy. This signals a significant loss of faith in POTUS, as the role of POTUS is, among other things,  to generally conduct foreign policy - by the constitution.  I don't, personally, find the idea of diminishing the powers of the President - of any party - to be a poor idea. Shame that it takes a Trump to do it though.

Miscellaneous hawks on Twitter questing for war and bashing caution as liberal and peaceniks.

Summary: crickets.

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