Barbell Prescription and American Health


The Barbell Prescription Today's reading.

One of the big causes of death in US white men (~25% of all deaths) after 35 is heart disease (CDC statistic). I don't care to put myself in the track where my own day in day out decisions contributed to me falling over dead or having a lousy quality of life.

One of the introductory remarks at my New Employee Orientation for Providence is that the concept of health care is being rethought: the doctor (one of the executives at Swedish) giving the welcome message noted that today, doctors provide sick care, i.e., care for the sick, and they are paid based on the number of sick people they see and the number of treatments they do. He correctly noted that this puts the incentives out of whack- health care maintenance is what is needed. This book also makes the same point early on. It's fascinating to see the independent agreement.