friday morning summary


Good Morning this Friday!

It is 12:27 a. m. in Pyongyang

From the "more reputable sources" section of Twitter....

  • A report claims Russia and North Korean diplomats begin talks (as per expectation)
  • South Korea's ambassador is working on minimizing China's upsetness over the SK THAAD antimissile system. 
  • Some level of sesmic activity from the NK region, estimated to be natural.

Trump will make an Asia circuit in November. This is a good idea.

And from the less reputable...

  • NK Korea H bombs are a globalist conspiracy.
  • Fake News charges are being levelled at the media for disagreeing with Trump
  • Definitely seeing a ton of bots arguing pro-war. Wonder who is running those? US right-wingers?

Summary: no substantial change

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