thursday night quick brief


Good evening.

It is 2:16PM in Pyongyang.

No news of substance regarding North Korea today.

However, Trump is threatening to sabotage the Iran deal, which would sabotage, in turn, diplomacy with North Korea (and all other states). Teddy Roosevelt is often quoted as "carry a big stick and speak softly". Something he perhaps was better at saying than doing.

Reminder: next week is expected to be a significant action by North Korea, as it contains several significant dates in the Tuesday/Wednesday timeframe for the North Korean system.

Trump mumbles something about a coming storm, who knows what that will result in.... guy says a lot of things that come to nothing.

South Koreans are blase in the face of North Korea's risks. This is probably not the most reasonable thing to do, but it's unpleasant to imagine all your family and friends dying in nuclear fire.

Democrat Rep. Ted Lieu flames Trump bigly, says no one knows whether the US supports diplomacy towards North Korea.

Not seeing any real bot activity.

The US is focused a great deal on the tragedy in Vegas, which probably explains a lot of why North Korea is not in the popular eye.

Summary: Stock up on food & water enough for 4-5 days indoors (remember, radioactivity decreases exponentially, and after 100 hours, it's 1/100 of the initial power). Enjoy life with your family. Next week we may all die in a fit of ego and miscalculation: have you made peace with God?

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