monday evening briefing oct 2


Good evening.

It is 1:20PM in Pyongyang.

Reputable Sources

A report in Yonap (South Korean official media) indicates that US POTUS Press Secretary Sanders confirmed a Presidential lack of interest in diplomatic options.

The New York Times suggests that many Americans are living in denial about dealing with North Korea.

The Defcon blog suggested several days ago that China is contemplating the limits of its sponsorship of North Korea

An account claiming to be the Russian Embassy to the DPRK has published two scans of pages from what it says are recent papers in the computer field. Interesting business, I'd be more  than happy to flip through them.

Seoul has a Unification Ministry. But no one in power cares. :-(

Unreliable Twitter

  • Claims there are concerns about weapons being loaded onto container ships and sent into US ports.
  • Anti-war botnets are running
  • Hawks are, per usual, screaming. Summary - status quo, but the secretary of state in the USA has publically been denounced by the POTUS, and things are jittery.

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