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Notes taken over the last 12 hours. Future updates will come in on blogger and be cc'd to mastodon.

That's weird. suddenly a twitter campaign in the last hour ranting about how koreans eat dog. (I really don't care).

Bolton (a hardcore hawk) is arguing for pre-emtive strikes.

Some poor guy got shot near the DMZ, but reports are indistinct at this point.

The parents of guy who got jailed in NK and sent back to die are pissed off and calling NK "terrorists". They are being used as props in the current drama, looks like.

Hey, what appears to be an official NK site: http://exploredprk.com . It is not approximately a backwards country in tech if you look at the tools used.

http://behindthecurtain.asia/ essentially a private spy made a apple-only book on NK.

The US is demanding 100% denuclearization. Why? Face? Pride? Won't work.

China and Russia looking to try to stabilize the situation. Some Russian troop movement, but I"m unsure of the implications.

Japan's PM Abe has called a snap election, hoping to stregnthen his position. There's instability there. But, he can actually deal with Trump, a major bonus. (when will he be backstabbed??)

Looks like the South Korean soldier was probably killed by a live-fire training by South Korea nearby. Note that these sorts of things happen in military training. When some poor sod gets killed, and there's not a clear indication of a shooting war, "unintentional mistake" is the typical result.source for the note

Oh here we go, here's Foreign Minister of NK's Official Submitted Statement in that inflammatory response recently. Strongly advise reading. Not as inflammatory as even the more reputable US news orgs made it out to be.

A report exists claiming that there is NK troop movement to east border, readiness increased.

Random trump types on The Twitters wanting to send liberals to NK because we dislike Trump.

Note on propaganda. Russia and China have significant incentive to tamp this situation down. They don't want a full US deployment sitting off both of their borders grinning. My speculation is that their bots and propagandaists will start playing the anti-war games (and boy howdy I hope that works)

I have, by the way, a huge anti-nuclear-war bias. I understand realpolitik and that yeah, war is sometimes required because that's humanity. But I loathe the idea of WMDs being deployed.

At this point in the updates, it's 10:15 AM Seoul time. A full day of work is underway for our fellow-humans on the Korean peninsula.

Reports exist claiming the US is going to run a carrier group into NK waters(I doubt that, it's a huge provocation).

Reports exist claiming that US/SK joint forces - bombers & fighters - will be flying by and grinning at NK (like the B1 run a few nights ago). This seems likely.

UN sanctions have been laid down, for what good /that/ does. Meh. Probably time to give up the sanctions game.

The US Secretary of State is going to visit China.

A NK specialist in the US is heading to Russia to talk.

A few bots are starting to agitate relating to the Warmbier death at NK hands. Fox Live Talking Heads are pounding it right now I guess. Haven't checked the US propaganda outlets yet (breitbart, drudge).

Nothing unusual by NK military says US general; says NK wants nukes for regime survival

And for a round up of the 10:30PM Seattle time news:

  • The right-wing on Twitter is getting triggered over Warmbier on #noko hashtag.
  • A few bots are copypasting war-boosting propaganda over Warmbier.
  • Drudge Report is screaming about hillary and how Obamacare isn't repealed. No Korea whatsoever.
  • Breitbart is howling over the AL Senate election and has 2 small links on Korea - one Warmbier and one of a NK propaganda video.
  • Fox is aligned with Brietbart on this: very NFL focused. Minimal NK coverage.
  • MSNBC: no Korea, just dragging Trump.
  • CNN: front page Korea, a bit of information.
  • Then, the NYT has a more meditative article on it. In summary, as I close up the TrumpenWarring notes for the night, the rightwing media are mostly ignoring it, the right-wingers are starting to foam on Twitter, and a couple bots are whipping up war.

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