dprk noon briefing


Your noon summary of what I'm seeing...

It is 3:27 AM in Seoul.

Some claim Warmbier was tortured. It has been claimed that the coroners report has no evidence of that. Haven't dug into that.

Nuclear reactor fuel is probably being made in the DPRK, not imported.

It has been claimed that China is doing importing of NK coal. It has been claimed that Chinese entities routinely skirt UN sanctions.  China, per last blog post, wants to stabilize the situation, and that implies not getting NK too desperate. I would guess they wink at a certain amount of sanction-breaking.

The Atlantic notes that a preventative war is traditionally off the table in the US due to our morals and standards ( as opposed to a preventative strike to avoid an immediate danger).

The BBC has a Korean-language service now running in South Korea, but it has been claimed NK is jamming it. It is worth noting that there's a certain amount of information from the outside that is today regularly getting into NK elite's hands. A free radio service getting to the common people of North Korea would be incendiary over time, I expect.

Ron Paul /  LaRouche are arguing for using economic development to bind NK to the path of peace.  Frankly, I'd agree - let's all get to a point where we can easily raise a beer together and laugh at how silly we used to be.

The East Coast of the USA is doing an "Emergency Alert System" test. Which should say something about how serious this all is.

I (human) don't see any significant bot activity right now in the hashtags I'm monitoring.

I may code up a bot-analysis system over the next few days to monitor more hashtags automatically and flag ones that are suspicious (e.g., copypaste, usernames ending with weird numbers).

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