Praxis of Christmas isnt Christly


I've been thinking about Christmas. Happens this time of year.

I see it as an essentially religious season. Wearing red and green, placing a totem of a tree serving as a sacred space to the Winter King(Santa, the god of the religion), parents as priests, and singing songs to the gift giving god. The hallowed day arrives, the financial sacrifices having been made by friends and parents, and the celebration begins, lasting a week and ending with the New Year's Eve drink up.. Different activities and rituals surround the matter; it varies by family and social group.

I don't see any Christ Jesus in this religious ritual. A different god is celebrated, whose ideology is materialism, cleverly put together with a pastiche of interest for the children. And hey, gifts are fun.

I don't grudge those of other religions, but I think it's time people get Christ out of the Christmas business.